The Mabel Hart Brook and Marion Hill Memorial Foundation (a.k.a. the Foundation) was established in 1967 through the foresight of the late Sanford (Sandy) Thompson and others in the area. Their purpose was the purchase and preservation of the property on Bella Lake known locally as “Second Sandy Beach” and “Norway Point”.  

Founding Directors:  

Graham Atkin 

Frank Hull 

Emil Jensen 

Dean Maxwell 

Col. Jack Perry 

John Perry 

Fred Pugh 

Sandy Thompson 

Vivian Thompson 

Doug Tideman 

William Wagner  

The original property purchased on March 28, 1968, from Marion Hill of Limberlost Lodge, comprised 228 acres of land, 3100 feet of beautiful beach shoreline on Bella Lake and 300 feet of shoreline on Heck Lake.  

On August 29, 1986, an additional 200 acres of land to the west was purchased. This adjacent land contains the pioneer settlement of Antioch and provides access to Crown Lands to the west and north of the property.  

Since, 1998, the lands owned by the Foundation have been subject to the Conservation Land Tax Incentive Program (CLTIP). The purpose of this program is to recognize, encourage and support the long-term stewardship of Ontario’s significant conservation lands. The Foundation property is classified as “Other Conservation Lands”.  

Through dedicated directors and members, funds have been raised from pledges and donations to purchase and preserve this outstanding property for the use and enjoyment of future generations.