We will protect the natural, social & historic character of Bella and Rebecca Lakes, through a balanced approach in education, communications & voluntary compliance over legislative & regulatory constraint.  

Our targets are:  

Water Quality

Strive to rehabilitate the water quality of both lakes.  

Fish & Wildlife

Support a sustainable fish population including optimal habitat for naturally reproducing lake trout and small mouth bass, and maintain stability in the biodiversity of wildlife species and their habitats.  


The protection and rehabilitation of the shoreline should be promoted to increase the amount of natural shoreline. Structures that are built near the shoreline should have a minimal impact and structures other than docks are to be discouraged from being built upon shorelines.  

Trees & Vistas

The natural vista should be maintained without buildings and structures detracting from it.  


A cooperative working relationship has to be fostered between all community members to ensure that new development respects the environment and character of the lakes, as well as maintain property values.  


The historical, cultural, natural and recreational character of the lake is to be recognized, protected and restored, where appropriate. Future development must compliment and be compatible with the surrounding settings.  

Social Life

A range of social and recreational activities should promoted that is consistent with the persona and culture of both lakes. Soirees invigorate the health and ambiance of the community and lakes.